Leica X1 & Typ 113 Size Comparison

One of the many comments raised when comparing Leica’s X1/2/XE with their latest X Typ 113 is that of size. For many users the tiny dimensions of the original X camera were what drew them to the model, as it was one of the first digital compact cameras to offer image resolution similar to that of DSLR’s, but in a truly small package. This tiny camera went on to spawn (up until now) two further iterations of what is fundamentally the same model, containing enhancements and improvements over the original, making it an even more compelling proposition.

The Typ 113 took the concept a little further, adding a faster lens, significantly improved rear screen and superb manual focussing methodology to name but three enhancements. Incorporating a faster lens inevitably meant a larger optical housing, which may have been one of the reasons for the increase in body size. I personally prefer the larger size of the 113 as it fits better in my large hands while still remaining compact. For me to comfortably use my X1 I need to have the optional handgrip attached or I find my fingers unintentionally pressing various buttons in an effort to hold and compose images. 

Here are a few images showing both models together to give you some idea of the size differences..they may help you decide which model is best for you. If you are undecided I recommend finding a dealer who has both in stock and doing some side by side comparisons as they do feel very different in the hands. I still adore the X1 but the allure of the 113’s  f1.7 lens is difficult to resist making this later model my ‘go to’ camera of the moment.