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In July 2018, we decided to spend a couple of weeks travelling the western area of Halkidiki. Starting our journey in Thessalonika, we headed west past lakes Koroneias and Volvi before picking up the coast at Stavros. From here we followed the road south to the sleepy village of Olymbiada, and on to the Athos peninsula. The final leg of the journey took us inland to the towns of Polygyros and Galatista before arriving back at Thessalonika.

We decided on a late holiday in 2017, so as November 5th celebrations were taking place, and the pace of Christmas was gaining momentum, we left the country behind for a couple of weeks on Mauritius, stopping over for a few days in Dubai en route. The destination was no quick decision as we were looking to make a journey that ticked several boxes not previously experienced. Combining desert, rain forest, excellent walking, tropical climate and a little adventure whittles down the choice of destinations; but having done some of the groundwork for the trip before parking it a few years ago meant that revisiting the idea was fairly easy.

In June 2016 we undertook a sightseeing trip around Rome and the bay of Naples. For twelve days we burned the candle at both ends, determined to cram as many activities as possible into our stay. We walked in excess of 110 miles and used a combination of bicycles, trains, boats, buses, taxi’s and a chairlift to join the points of interest together. Only on returning home and reviewing our images did we truly appreciate the amount of sightseeing done. With more than a thousand images from the trip in our archives, selecting a sample for this Travel Diary was always going to be difficult. For this project we set ourselves a total of 50 images, but overran tremendously. Ruthless edits, much handwringing and red wine reduced the final count to 60, at which point we admitted defeat. So presented here are those 60 representatives of a pretty awesome few days - enjoy.

Our August Holiday was taken in South West Crete this year. Typical of most of our holidays, time was not given to lying around on sunbeds soaking up the sun; instead we opted for a more strenuous approach, spending every day walking, travelling and mountain biking. From the Samaria Gorge to sections of the E4 coastal path, we baked in temperatures averaging 35°. Here is a selection of images for you to enjoy.

In January 2015 we travelled to New York for a few days to celebrate Ethan’s 21st birthday. Between the celebrations we had an intense time sight seeing that allowed for very little sleep. This, naturally, resulted in a massive amount of images being taken and a good deal of head scratching when we returned home as we tried to recall where each was taken. Ethan was armed with his brand new K-3 Prestige Edition and a gaggle of lenses while I deferred to my tiny Leica X1. Reproduced here are a few of our favourite pictures from, what turned out to be, one of our favourite locations.

This years holiday was taken on Sicily, an island of contrasting and sometimes starkly beautiful landcapes. Rich in culture, diverse in history, there was little wonder that we spent most of our stay photographing it. Here are a few images taken from a huge volume of work captured in both anaologue and digital mediums. We wish you enjoyable viewing.

We travelled to The Gambia in January as part of a 50th birthday celebration. Naturally we went armed to our teeth with camera gear to record the trip for digital posterity, which resulted in a huge collection of colourful images. Here is an exhibition highlighting key moments of our journey.