Photo Walks

This is the second article in a series illustrating our favourite photography walks. Note that these articles are not intended as walking guides, but are merely an indicator as to areas we find photographically interesting. Lumsdale is an area of woodland, waterfalls and ruined mills a mile or so to the east of Matlock. Served by a couple of very narrow roads and a network of footpaths, it remained one of Matlock’s best kept secrets until recent years. However, encroaching housing developments have seen increased footfall as it was slowly discovered by dog walkers and those living nearby who enjoy the romantic atmosphere offered by cascading waterfalls, ivy clad ruins and still ponds.

This is the first in a series of occasional blog articles featuring our favourite photography walks. Living in Derbyshire for many years and enjoying the great outdoors, it was not long before we built up a whole catalogue of walks ranging from leisurely to strenuous. Many of these routes are walked on a regular basis, in all seasons and weather, and always accompanied with camera gear. I prefer walking in winter and autumn as the light and colours often make more interesting images. Note that these articles are not intended as a walking guide, but are just an indicator as to where to find a walk that we found photographically interesting. Many are what we have made up ourselves, although I am pretty certain some will overlap with those found in walking guides. I am constantly surprised how the same walk can appear so different at different times of the year, and in different conditions – they provide a constant source of new material. Please refer to a good map to plan a precise route and apply the usual common sense regarding warm clothing and food/drink as some locations are exposed.