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Eddycam Elk Leather Strap

I stumbled upon Eddycam just a couple of months ago, driven by a web browsing session, the cause of which was some surplus cash burning a hole in my pocket. Since the purchase of my blue skinned CL I had looked on and off for a similar coloured strap, but without success. Quite why Leica didn’t produce matching straps for their awesome range of different coloured leathers beats me.

eddycam strap 1Elk leather is something of a rarity when it comes to camera straps, and it was this single fact that set me on a mission to find out more. Having never sampled elk leather I had no idea of its durability or comfort, so was reliant on the accuracy of the claims made on Eddycam’s website. These straps are not your average product, something reflected in the price. So I prevaricated for a few days before coming across a style that had a blue finish… not too dissimilar to the ‘Octane’ blue of my CL.

The style in question was the ‘Edition 35mm Sky-Natural Vintage’ which is wide enough to promise real comfort for long periods of time. The CL is not a heavy camera, but if I was to have it hanging around my neck for hours each day, the experience may as well be a comfortable one. I decided that I wanted the strap for a fast approaching holiday, and with around 10 days to go before departure, contacted Eddycam to see what the chances were of it arriving before I was due to leave the country. My enquiry was met with a very speedy response. Even though the strap was being shipped from Germany to the UK, it would be with me with days to spare. At this point I ordered and a few days later a small well packed box arrived.

Wasting no time I unboxed it and attached it to the CL. The colour does not match the Octane blue of the CL, but it certainly compliments it. And the softness of the elk leather is better than any leather I have experienced previously.

In use, the strap lived up to my expectations, being extremely comfortable. I was concerned about the heat and humidity I would be exposing it to while on holiday. Daytime temperatures never dipped below 30 centigrade, so it was soaked in sweat for many hours every day. During the first couple of days, I returned to our hotel room to find that my neck was stained blue. However this resolved itself by day three and the embarrassment of pitching up at a taverna for a late afternoon drink looking like I had a neck tattoo was no more. Back in the UK, a damp cloth wiped away two weeks worth of detritus and it looked and felt new again. 

I am very confident that the strap will withstand many years of use. My interest is currently being drawn to the Leica SL2-S and if I do find myself adding one to my arsenal, a Eddycam strap will be my first choice.