Bag & Case Reviews

Being the owner of a Leica Q2 Ghost edition, I felt it needed some form of protection against bumps and scrapes. The problem with this is that a case covers the very part I was so enamoured with - the finish. Looking around the internet, there was very little out there that complimented the grey finish. And those that did had a very unattractive handgrip built into them. So I parked the idea and took the camera out naked for the first few months, thinking I would eventually get used to the idea of it picking up a mark or two during use. The idea never sat well with me though, so on return from a recent holiday on which the Q2 accompanied me (and which the camera returned unscathed from), I took a deeper dive into the world of cases.

angelo smaldore case 1I trawled Etsy, eBay and the general World Wide Web but found nothing that really echoed the Ghost’s grey and silver finish. I then came across Angelo Smalldore’s website ( Angelo Pelle is a name I have come across on various forums over the years, but the differing surname cause me to overlook him on my initial search.

Angelo Smaldore specialises in very high quality leather items, one of which is a superb line of cases and protectors for various Leica cameras, as well as catering for other brands such as Hassleblad, Fuji and Sony. Some of the finishes are very unusual and unique which was precisely what I was looking for. I wanted a case that, like the Q2 Ghost, made a statement.

Buried deep in a list of finishes, one item caught my attention, a Python skin embossed leather half case consisting of contrasting grey tones. Closer inspection revealed it had the all important doors for battery and card access, as well as a detachable screen protector that was in the same finish. I contacted Angelo who confirmed he had just one left in stock and sent me some additional detailed pictures. Unfortunately he had no matching strap for it, but I was not too concerned about this as I really like the grey COOPH strap included with the camera.

angelo smaldore case 2Two days after placing my order, the case arrived. On unpacking it, I immediately knew I had made the correct choice. The finish is absolutely stunning, a really beautiful item. The grey tones are complemented by a very light azure sheen that is only present under certain lighting conditions. The attention to detail is superb. Materials and stitching are very high quality. It is sturdy (particularly the base) and is lined with a very soft leather that will not damage the finish over time. I have read some reviews regarding some unbranded cases having very rough internal edges that, arguably, have done more cosmetic damage than not using one. The studs securing the strap are well protected and reassuringly positive. The rear part of the case aligns accurately with the screen and all controls, not detracting in anyway from the functional aspect of the camera. I soon realised that this case was as close to exemplary as was possible.

It is still fairly new so has not been through the rigours that some of my others have been put through. However I am quietly confident that it will stand up to time’s steady passing and, like me, age gracefully (hopefully)! I once read that if you search hard enough, you will find what you are looking for. In this instance, these words have proved true. While we all have different tastes, this particular case appealed to me perfectly.

Angelo Smaldore - thank you for supplying me with such a unique product.