Bag & Case Reviews

I took delivery of a Leica SL2-S a couple of weeks ago and felt that it’s austere design would benefit from some kind of case, to protect it from daily knocks and scuffs. The camera is solidly built so this was more of an aesthetic choice to protect the paintwork from damage. Leica do not offer a case for the SL camera line, so I had to look at the third party market to get an idea of what was available. There is a surprising amount, ranging from very cost effective solutions to more luxurious designs.

luigi s leather case for the leica sl2 s 1I have been on the receiving end of poor quality cases in the past. Not only are they a hassle to use, but they show signs of wear and tear very quickly. Some of the ‘leatherette’ ones I have owned cracked within weeks of use, or the strap clasps have broken off. Some have been very poor designs that only become apparent with use. As a SL2-S is a pretty expensive proposition, it seems almost criminal not to do it justice and house it in something befitting of its pedigree.

Over the years, searches for cases have taken me occasionally to Luigi’s. Based in Rome, he manufactures cases for many Leica cameras, along with other brands. I have often looked at his cases for M cameras and thought that if I ever owned an M, one of his designs would have adorned it. As my camera system has evolved, it has taken me down the SL route and not the M, so I was pleased to find that Luigi makes a range of cases and straps for the SL system.

Luigi’s premium case line are a work of art. Using only the finest materials and fantastic attention to detail, they were exactly what I was looking for. The aged brown version with hanging screen protector was the one that really caught my eye, and the inclusion of a matching strap made it more appealing. I did not hesitate for long before placing my order.

I have to say that at this point that this was the fastest overseas shipment I have ever received. Less that 24 hours after placing the order, it had made the journey from beautiful Rome to the Derbyshire Dales… unbelievable!

luigi s leather case for the leica sl2 s 2Packaging was excellent and upon unboxing, my senses were greeted with the wonderful smell of leather. The case is everything I had wished for. Beautifully hand made with a fine grade of leather that I have become unaccustomed to in recent years. The white stitching compliments the brown leather well. It is soft without feeling flimsy. The seams are finished nicely to prevent wear. Of course it adds a little to the weight and size of the camera, but nothing to be concerned about. In fact it makes the grip easier to handle. The rear screen protector flap is well thought out and fastened by two Luigi branded studs (the same studs are used to secure the strap to the case) – really nice attention to detail. Internally it is soft with no abrasive points. Underneath, the camera battery can be released without removing the case, by means of access holes to the release switch and battery compartment. Also on the bottom is a nice company brand.

The strap matches the case exactly and is made from the same high quality leather as the case. Again, attention to detail includes matching stitching, leather covers over the securing studs and a ‘flat’ design to allow it to pass through the camera’s rectangular strap lugs without causing unnecessary abrasion. There is also additional padding where it is needed – given the weight of the camera with a SL lens, this is welcome. Oh, and Luigi’s logo finishes it off nicely.

To sum up, I am really impressed with the case and strap. I think it will last longer than the camera! And the shipping time was the best.

Thank you Luigi.