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This exhibition is from a collection of work photographed over two visits to Aston Hall Mental Hospital during 2014 and represents our first Urbex shoot. The hospital opened in the 1930’s and did not close until 2004, when the last of the long term patients were absorbed into community care. The site is large covering around three acres, and consists of several blocks including community, kitchen and living quarters. These images are taken from all of these areas, but some of the blocks could not be accessed. All buildings seem to have suffered extreme vandalism over the years, but this only adds to the sense of dereliction and decay. The site is earmarked for demolition, although it is unsure what will replace it. Our bet is on an extension to the nearby housing estate which borders the grounds.
For those who are interested the address is: Maple Drive, Aston-on-Trent, Derby, DE72 2DG

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