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Delphi…a mysterious and spectacular sanctuary located high on the flanks of Mount Parnassus in Central Greece. Known in ancient times as the Omphalos (navel of the world) and sacred to the god Apollo, it was a place of pilgrimage for royalty, politicians and commanders requiring prophetic insight into what the future held. The ambiguity of the Oracle’s responses propelled armies to their glory or doom, and warring city states built glorious treasuries housing spoils of war and offerings to the powerful son of Zeus and Leto.

Today’s pilgrims arrive in vast numbers via tour buses to gaze at the terraced ruins of this once magnificent site. Enchanted by its location, beautiful views and whispers of Pythian wordsmithery, it is difficult not to fall under Delphi’s spell, particularly if the visitor can beat the crowds and arrive early on a Spring morning echoing with bird song and sighing alpine breeze. History permeates the senses and the revelation of occupying the same space as Alexander the Great or representatives who fought in the Peloponnesian war is almost overwhelming…only time separates the modern visitor.