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On a particularly stormy and turbulent February 1st, Ethan and I decided to go on a photoshoot along Derwent Edge. I must admit, sitting in the pub the night before, it seemed like a marvellous idea, even though the entire area fills me with a deep sense of gloom. I have written before of my dislike of this part of the Dark Peak. Egregiously mournful, but photographically cathartic, I knew if I could get past the feeling of despair I get at the mere suggestion of walking here, I would be rewarded with some interesting landscape opportunities.

The catalyst for wanting to walk here was the stormy forecast, one of high winds but little rain. Knowing that these conditions typically herald the Devil’s skies, we spent the morning being buffeted on and off the trail barely being able to hear each other’s shouts. Keeping a camera steady was an interesting challenge, forcing us to use higher shutter speeds than usual. Bracing ourselves against course gritstone boulders with nose problems like snotty young children, we managed to capture around forty usable images before being battered into the arms of the valley below. The day leant itself well to a moody monochrome treatment. Here are our favourites for you to enjoy in far more comfort that the circumstances in which they were captured.