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We have been visiting Greece for more than thirty years and it was inevitable that our modern world would collide with Greece’s more ancient past. Beyond the glorious beaches, photogenic villages and equally photogenic people lies a land with an enduring history. It is difficult to visit any part of the country without stumbling across a crusader castle, classical temple, amphitheatre or Mycenaean palace. Many are grand examples of what was once a golden age. Some are the stuff of legends. Others are unassuming and almost forgotten piles of stone kept alive by folklore. From Thermopylae’s battlefield to Dodoni’s haunting amphitheatre, it is difficult not to be moved by their past. Stories…like their characters, are larger than life, embellished with god-like status thanks to bards and poets who preserved their memory for us to enjoy today.

Selecting representative images for PhotoArk was a difficult task. Our archives are simply bursting at the seams with most things Greek. In the end a selection was made from just two libraries that documented two road trips around the country in 2007 and 2009. The distillation process brought us to the thirty images shown here. Some, like those taken at Delphi, were obvious tourist traps and required a stopover at Arachova to allow a start early enough to have the site to ourselves. Other’s are the result of careful research of areas mentioned in Homer’s Iliad, in an effort to match legends with real places. So for better or worse, we present to you a tiny sample of images that are as important to us as the land they were taken in.