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2020 hailed in a new decade, along with a pandemic that few of us could have imagined would disrupt our lives throughout the year, and well beyond. Like many people, we saw our travel plans vanish as the year progressed, and welcomed every government announcement with cautious optimism. Little did we know at the beginning of the year, that our meticulously planned drive around central Greece would not be going ahead. Or a jolly to Zakynthos would be postponed for a year, three days before the intended departure date. And rounding it up, late December saw my 60th birthday plans to a European city cancelled. But in amongst this, we seized the opportunity for a ten day trip to Kos town that seemed to fall through the cracks between lockdowns and working from home. Similar to most tourist destinations, the place was very quiet, beaches were almost empty and many hotels boarded up, their dead gardens reminiscent of scenes from J.G Ballard novels.