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My latest piece of camera equipment arrived a few days ago, in the shape of one of Leica’s finest prime lenses for the L system - the Summicron 35mm f2. Since it’s announcement in the early part of 2019 I have had this on my Wishlist. The first opportunity to use it came yesterday although conditions were dark, foreboding and cold. We decided to play into these properties by heading for Magpie Mine on the windswept limestone plateau near Sheldon, Derbyshire. It was not the task I had envisioned for first use of this lens, and it soon became apparent that the site screamed out to be photographed in monochrome.

I do not (yet) have a SL camera body so the lens was mounted to my TL2, giving me a focal length of around 52mm. As I have come to expect from Leica, the lens performed beautifully and paired very well with TL2 and Visoflex finder. When I have used the lens more, I will write a review based on my experiences. But for now, here are a few images from the day.