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Oakhurst House

Oakhurst House is a derelict old building located in Shining Cliff woods near the banks of the river Derwent at Ambergate. Originally built in 1846 by the Hurt family, it was sold to the Johnson family, owners of the nearby wireworks who extended it to the sizeable ruin it is today. Throughout its history, it has changed hands and purposes many times, only to become flats in its twilight years. This eventually led to its dereliction sometime in the 1980’s when the company which owned it went bust.

What can be seen today is a dangerous shadow of its former self. The roof has collapsed leaving floors to rot in the damp woodland environment. Walls are slowly falling down as nature gradually reclaims the site while chimneys stand precariously, their foundations eroded by the seasons. Entering the building is prohibited and for good safety reasons; those who do wish to explore its secrets do so at their own personal risk, but will be rewarded with an echo of fading beauty.

The following images were taken during two recent visits as part of a photographic memoir to this solitary woodland refuge. How much longer it will be safe to enter is anyones guess, but the decay is accelerating to a point where there will be nothing left but a pile of stonework, consumed by the very woodland that it sprang from. Note that some of the images in this collection were taken in nearby derelict warehouses.

PhotoArk accepts no responsibility for any injury, loss, or prosecution that may arise from entering the premises!