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We spent a few days in early May enjoying springtime on Rhodes, Greece. The last time I was here was in September 1989 and before that August 1984, so it was interesting to see how things had changed in the last three decades. Our base was Rhodes Town, as we wanted to be close to the history and buzz of the old and new town. An added bonus was that the location made gave us an enormous amount of subject matter as far as our photography was concerned.

Apart from an occasional cruise ship pitching up for an overnight stay, the town was very quiet and atmospheric. This allowed us to get some excellent images that later in the season would have been far more challenging. The climate was very favourable too as the summer heat has not scorched the landscape. The experience was very reminiscent of a couple of road trips I did to Greece in 2007 and 2009.

My lens of choice for this trip was the disproportionately large SL Summilux 50 1.4, which dwarfs my CL. I decided at the last minute to take this lens so I could get to know its character a little more. Is was a bit hefty to carry around for almost 5 days but the results it delivered made it worthwhile. My 11-23 also accompanied me but saw just occasional use when I needed a wider angle of view.

Ethan took his trusty K3 with 15 and 31mm primes - a wonderful travelling combination that is portable and offers superb results.