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Early in 2000, I was invited to photograph several churches in the Matlock locality. The results were to be used in a millennium project illustrating the architecture and some of the less seen aspects of each church. During my visits I worked closely with the vicar or warden from each church to ensure that the images I captured met their expectations. The exhibition was held locally during the summer of 2000 and attracted a large amount of visitors.

I ran a personal project along side the commissioned work, which was to explore with a lens some of the stained glass panels located at each church. My remit was not simply to capture the splendour of stained glass windows in their entirety (this has been done as part of the commissioned work), but to focus on some of the more intricate details and beauty that could easily go unnoticed when viewing a window as a whole.

The work was captured on Kodak EBX100 slide film and archived without being widely viewed. Forgotten about for more than 20 years, the collection recently came to light when searching through our slide archive for material to digitise. Shown here are some of the results, reproduced as originally intended from the very vibrant EBX film stock. Its heavily saturated signature worked well amplifying the stunning beauty of stained glass panels, hopefully echoing the artisan nature of their original creators.

Cameras used were Olympus OM1n and OM4Ti bodies with 50mm Zuiko lenses, the only exception being a 24mm Zuiko to capture an image of one larger window in its entirety. The result was filtered using a ‘Spectral Cross’ effect.