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Assembled here is a small collection of images taken during a three week island hopping trip across the Eastern Aegean, Greece, July 2010. Starting in Athens we travelled east to Ikaria, Fourni and finally Samos.

  • Eastern Aegean Islands Parthenon
    Ethan outside the Parthenon, Athens.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Acropolis
    A night view of the Acropolis, Athens.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Greek Salad
    Greek Salad – Yum!
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Athens
    A view over Athens from the Acropolis.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Changing of the Guard
    Changing of the Guard, Syntagma Square, Athens.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Pups for Sale
    These two adorable puppies were for sale in one of the Athenian pet shops.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Internal Flight
    The flight from Athens to Ikaria took just 50 minutes on this domestic Olympic Airways flight.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Ikaria Lighthouse
    An evening walk saw us on a headland near Armenistis, Ikaria, just in time for the sunset.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Nas
    The beach at Nas, a few kilometers from Arnemistis, Ikaria. Behind the beach are the remains of the Temple of Artemis. There is little to be seen, apart from some foundations and low walls. Nas is a good starting point from which to explore the Halaris Canyon that extends several kilometers inland.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Koskinas Castle
    Koskinas Castle, Ikaria. On a bleak, wind swept mountain stand the remains of an 11th century Byzantine fortress. Inside the walls is the church of St. George Dorganas, which is still used today.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Koskinas Castle
    The view from Koskinas Castle, Ikaria, is stunning. On a clear day, the Aegean and Ikarian seas can be seen in all directions.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Sunset
    Sunset from the Cavos Bay Hotel, Armenistis, Ikaria.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Sea of Icarus
    A few minutes drive from the sleepy village of Manganitis is this tiny bay looking out to the sea of Icarus.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Agios Krikios
    The Blue Velvet ferry took us from Agios Krikios port, Ikaria, to the main vaillage and port of Fourni island.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Tav Cat
    One of the many cats that hang around Greek tavernas and cafes. This particular one was quite happy sleeping next to my chair, and was there every time we called at this cafe.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Stuffed Peppers
    Fourni is an island of excellent food and wine. These stuffed peppers were superb.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Donkey
    This donkey became the reason for a daily walk over one of the headlands on Fourni. We took him apples for breakfast.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Cats and Fetta Tins
    Cat and Kitten amongst the feta tins, Fourni.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Forest Fire
    Driving to Samos Town one afternoon, we were confronted by this forest fire. The road led down though it but was impassable due to the acrid smoke. We had no alternative but to take a much longer route home.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Bougainvillea
    Bougainvillea, Kokkari, Samos.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Pythagoras
    Statue of Pythagoras, Pythagorio Harbour, Samos.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Tav Cat
    Taverna Kitten, Kokkari, Samos.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Goatherd
    The hills behind Kokkari are superb walking country. This goatherd was moving his herd to pastures further down the mountain.
  • Eastern Aegean Islands Retsina
    Beautiful Chilled Retsina.