FastStone’s Slideshow Builder

My favourite image viewing software program is FastStone Image Viewer 4.6. It is simple to use, offers easy to use image manipulation controls (although I prefer Lightroom for processing images) and handles most RAW file formats (including Adobe DNG). On top of this, it is available free to download (for home use) from, although donations are accepted to help toward future development costs.

One of the tools I particularly like is the Slide Show Builder. It takes a selection of pre-chosen images, compresses and adds them to a self-contained executable, thus allowing the slideshow to be saved. This makes them fully transportable meaning they are great for moving from one computer to another.

Creating a basic slide show is simple, although I advise you to download FastStone’s excellent tutorial to take full advantage of all settings. A quick walk through follows;

After selecting the Slide Show Builder from the menu items, add individual images or folders to the window.

Faststones Slideshow Builder

Adjust the timer which dictates how long each image is displayed for. Explore the transition effects and select a suitable one. Add music if required. Resize images if necessary (this makes for a smaller executable). Create a Cover Image from the styles available. Press the Create button, give the slideshow a location and name and press Save. The executable is created, which may take a little while if there are a lot of images added (or if they have not been resized). 

Faststones Slideshow Builder

Once completed, a confirmation message is displayed. 

Faststones Slideshow Builder

Pressing OK to this gives the opportunity to launch the slide show, or it can be launched by locating the executable and double clicking it.

Faststones Slideshow Builder

And that’s how simple it is. As stated earlier this is a simple walk through that ignores most of the additional functionality. Experimenting with the features in the Slide Show Builder panel produces some really good results. Better still, download the tutorial and get the most out of it.