iPhone 13 Pro Max and 11 Pro Max Comparison Images

It has been fascinating to watch how phone camera technology has evolved over the years and the latest iterations of most manufactures models have continued to focus (no pun intended) on pushing the boundaries of their phone technology, threatening the existence (or need) of compact cameras. It is difficult not to notice the lack of ‘true’ cameras when out and about; You only have to look at what people are using when wondering around cities or on a beach holiday, to notice that the dominant photographic species is a smartphone… a paradigm shift when comparing the same locations some 25 years ago.

iphone 13 pro max and 11 pro max 1My own use of smartphone cameras has gradually moved from occasional to habitual use, fuelled not only by the device’s convenience, but by their evolution into something that can give a modern camera a run for its money. Where once we has single focal length lenses and minuscule noisy sensors, we now have multi-lens marvels that, aided by computational algorithms and an increase in sensor size, deliver impressive results.

When the iPhone 11 Pro Max was brought to Market in 2019, it coincided with my need to upgrade an older device, so I purchased one with little thought to the onboard cameras. It was only after playing about with it that I realised just how far technology had come, and how much the output of its tiny lenses impressed me. Its HDR results and simulated shallow depth or field left me astounded and wondering just how much better results would be from future models.

Enter the iPhone 13 Pro Max, purchased by Ethan last month as an upgrade to his ‘ageing’ iPhone X. I wasn’t expecting much of an improvement in the camera functionality but upon seeing the unboxed product, realised that my expectations were almost certainly wrong. The size of the lenses look to be about 30% larger on the 13… much more light gathering abilities. This, coupled with the larger sensor size made me very curious about its output.

It is not the purpose of this article to scientifically compare both models, but we thought it would be useful to add downloadable sample photo’s taken by both devices to allow you to compare for yourself the differences. Both provide great results, but the revised camera module on the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a large step up from what I already considered very acceptable.

Download Original Images (38.9 MB)

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max