I originally purchased this lens shortly after it was introduced several years ago and enjoyed using it so much I decided, bizarrely, to sell it. Other than to help finance a new SL 75mm APO lens, I had no other reason to part with it and suffered seller’s remorse as soon as it had left the house. It is the only Leica lens I have ever sold on and I view this moment of madness as a lesson in needlessly purging equipment in an effort to keep further outlay minimised.

leica tl 60mm revisitedMy original review of this fabulous optic can be found here. My feeling for this lens have never changed and after a few years of longing, I decided to buy another copy.

Not only is the 60mm a superb 1:1 macro lens, I also find the way it draws portraits beautiful and it rapidly became used as a more general purpose short telephoto lens. My new one comes in the same silver anodised finish as previously, as I always though it matched my silver T/TL2 very well. And, as I parted with it before getting my silver CL, I especially look forward to trying it on this body.

As Leica have yet to release a dedicated macro lens for the SL line, I am keen to use it with my SL2-S, although mindful that it is going to cut resolution much lower than what I can achieve on my TL2 and CL. But with my eye on the future of the SL system, it is likely that I will eventually get a higher megapixel body, allowing this lens to perform at a far greater resolution. In the mean time, I am determined not to let another episode of GAS become the catalyst for selling it again. I once read that one should never sell a Leica lens as it usually ends up getting re-purchased. I am not sure how true this is for anyone else, but it is certainly the case for me!