As purchasers of the Leica Q2 Ghost edition by Hondinkee, we missed out on the very collectible set that included a matching silver thumb grip as one of the extras. Our search for one turned up nothing more than a standard black version which I was not interested in. My enquiries to both Leica and Hodinkee could not help as it was not available as a spare part. I could not even locate a third party option.

leica q3 thumb grip 1News that the Q3 was going to be launched with an array of accessories peaked my interest when I read that three different coloured thumb grips were going to be available, one of which was silver. Closer inspection of the marketing photographs appeared to show that it would fit a Q2 although I was not 100% sure that the rear function button would be correctly aligned with one of the two function buttons that match up with the two buttons on the rear of the Q3.

Leica accessory prices border on the egregious, irrespective of the camera model. The Q series is no exception so I contacted Red Dot Cameras to see if the thumb grip is compatible. A reply soon followed confirming that indeed it is and a kind soul on one of the Leica forums also posted a picture of one attached to a Q2 confirming that the rear button does line up and work fine. I hesitated no longer and placed my order.

I write this short blog article for anyone who is also hesitating purchasing a Q3 thumb grip to use on a Q2. Rest assured, it fits and works 100% fine.