We recently took the opportunity to purchase a new old stock Leica TL camera body. It appears an odd choice for a new purchase, after all it was superseded with the TL2 several years ago and since then, the whole Leica APSC system has been discontinued.

 We already have the original T and TL2 bodies, but felt it would be good to complete the T series collection by adding the TL. Having used many different different camera systems, and several of Leica’s offerings, the T system cameras have been my favourite. They are simple to use, minimalist in design and produce excellent results. That is not to say they don’t have any shortcomings. A retrospective look at the system will be the subject of a separate article. For now, here are the first images from the TL coupled with the 11-23 lens. Taken on a fine day during an outing  to Hob Hurst’s House above Beeley Moor, the lens allowed us to take advantage of the wide open space and interesting skies.