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July 2013 saw us in search of a picturesque walking holiday far from the madding crowds. Our search first lead us to the idyllic Greek island of Paxos, an island of gentle rolling hills forested by Olives groves and Pine trees. There are no airports here - access is via water travel only making it a peaceful place even in the height of summer. After walking the length and breadth of the island for several days we travelled on to the more commercial island of Corfu - specifically the west coast that is renowned for its spectacular mountain scenery. This collection of picture documents our journey in sequential order and is a small sample of hundreds of digital & 35mm transparency images taken throughout the trip. We hope you enjoy...

Summer 2012 saw us touring the Greek island of Lesvos. Based primarily in the picturesque village of Molyvos, we travelled the length and breadth of the island in search of beautiful images. Shown here is a very small collection culled from a much larger body of work. We hope you enjoy them!

Assembled here is a small collection of images taken during a three week island hopping trip across the Eastern Aegean, Greece, July 2010. Starting in Athens we travelled east to Ikaria, Fourni and finally Samos.

I travelled to Central Greece with my brother early in May 2009, to visit some of the lesser known archaeological sites and towns in the area. The concept of the trip was to find a Greece untouched by tourism. With the exception of Delphi, which has been on my 'to do' list for many years, I think we succeeded. The images shown here are just a small sample from hundreds taken with my E-1, 11-22 and 50mm lenses. It was a truly remarkable journey.

This is a collection of images taken during a road trip around the Peloponnese region of Greece during May 2007. All images are taken using my E-1, 11-22mm and 50mm Digital Zuiko lenses.