Lens Reviews

This is one of the high magnification lenses made by Olympus. It can be mounted directly onto a camera body, but requires some form of extension to be of any benefit. Two main units were provided by Olympus for this purpose; the 65-116 telescopic tube and a set of very well made auto bellows. I use the former, as I have found it to be fairly robust and very portable. Other extension tubes can be used, such as combinations of the 7, 14 and 25mm variants. However, magnification is more limited.

A late addition to my OM Zuiko collection, coming as something of a surprise to me. I had no real intention of getting hold of this lens but, in October 2005, was offered one brand new in the box (old stock), at a price I could not refuse.

For many years this was my favourite lens. Prior to this, my widest lens had been 28mm and, while it was useful, I found it was a bit limiting. There were times when it was not wide enough, and other's when it was too wide. It simply did not fit my way of seeing.

Every once in a while something comes along that leaves a lasting impression and a realisation that good things do indeed come in small packages. Sometimes a piece of gear is designed just right and its performance is every bit as incredulous. I’m talking here about the Zuiko 21mm F2 Super Wide Angle lens – a real grandfather of a lens, but one that still gives modern counterparts a run for their money.

The Digital Zuiko 50mm F2 Macro lens was introduced as part of the original line up of Four Thirds lenses in 2003 and purchased by me to complement my 11-22 lens, allowing macro capability, I soon realised this 50mm was capable of much more than this.

This was the first 'professional' lens I purchased when deciding to purchase my E-1. My E-1 was bundled with a 14-45 I kit lens, but I was never really impressed with its image quality, specifications or build. It was good enough to get me started, but after a couple of days shooting I was hitting the boundaries of its capabilities and longing for something more substantial.

As we do a lot of small item photography at PhotoArk, a macro lens is a fundamental requirement for our business. Not that we do not have one already - two exist in our collection; an Olympus Digital Zuiko 50mm f2 and the Olympus Zuiko 80mm f4. Given that Ethan now uses a K-5 it made sense to get a dedicated macro lens for the Pentax system.